Creative Cultural Workshops Presented by Kelly Cunnane

Kelly Cunnane

These interactive African story, art and drama workshops engage, inform, and open the mind and heart to who we are, who others might be, and who we are together. Half-day, full-day, and extended workshops are available.

Story & Play Workshop »

Listen and participate... then dress and play the story

Narrated Drama Workshop »

Read and participate... Speak Swahili, use the chief stick, herd the cows!

Interactive Q&A Workshop »

Collaboratively focus on East or West African artifacts.

Art & Facts Workshop »

Draw a mask or camel milk bowl, try on an ankle bangle from long ago.

Drama Workshop »

"Una taka dudu?" Do you want to eat a bug?! Speak Swahili in play...

Writing Workshop »

How do I make a story of my own? What is it like to be an author?

About Author Kelly Cunnane »

Learn more about Kelly's African adventures and her writing.

Community Writing Workshop »

Brainstorm ideas, explore styles and techniques, and write a piece.

» Quoted responses from workshop participants
» Workshop fee guidelines
Meaningful Learning Experiences Through the Arts
  • Global awareness and African culture
  • Universality of the human experience
  • Self-confidence
  • Educational motivation
  • Compassion
  • Hand-eye and physical coordination and confidence
  • Problem-solving
  • Collaboration
  • Language acquisition
  • Social Studies, the Arts, World Religions, Environmental and social issues
  • Literacy
  • Community

Kelly Cunnane's Creative Cultural Workshops for Kids & Communities ~

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