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Kelly Cunnane

Workshop description

Guided energizing writing activities to brainstorm ideas and style for a piece for yourself or for publication...

Workshop presentations include assistance in organizing and arranging a mutually agreeable schedule among interested community writers as well as a community center in which to meet.

Community Writing

Offers an energizing way to take the time to begin to write a piece with confidence and creativity. Through a wide variety of encouraging writing exercises, writers explore writing styles and techniques that enrich writing, while unearthing their stories and the voice in which to tell them. A professional way for writers to balance the solitude of writing with the benefits of working in community.

Both workshop levels are productive for all writers who need to make the time to get to the work and art of writing, but beginners and advanced may desire a level more suitable to their experience: Informative, supportive, motivating.

(Age 16 to adult, Half-day/full-day/weekly )

A. Creative Nonfiction: Writing Your Story (Beginner)

  • Minimum 3 hours
  • Brainstorm ideas, explore styles and techniques, and start a piece. Motivating, informative activities covering technique, creative style, voice, and ideas.

B. Advanced Creative Nonfiction

An extended workshop designed to create a publishable piece (12-15 hours)

  • A series of energizing writing activities, encouraging the author's voice, through informative exercises, which promote style, technique, and knowledge of the publishing world.

Workshops times can be arranged in increments most suitable to teacher, classroom, and school scheduling needs.

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