Workshop Fee Guidelines

Kelly Cunnane


  • Fees are dependent on group size, workshop complexity, and time, with a baseline rate of $55 per workshop session, plus 50 cents/mile travel (for more than 15 miles).
  • Alternative prices considered for local area and upon request


African artifacts are original; cultural and writing experiences authentic


  • Supplies for contour drawings and watercolor resists can be provided
  • Paper supplied by school or group
  • Program set-up minimal, environmentally friendly, and immediate


Workshops are easily adjusted to fit the interests and needs of the participants, and can be expanded to fit multi-school and age-level participation, or expanded for a more enriching cultural immersion.

Budget blues?
  • Ask about possible alternatives
  • PTO or community service organizations are often willing to assist with funding alternative educational opportunities for their children
  • Area businesses are often willing to extend donations for educational enhancement
  • Fundraise: one bake sale will often be just enough!
  • Check online for supportive and matching art and education grants
  • Consolidate with other schools to split accommodation and travel expenses

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