Quoted Responses from Workshop Participants

Kelly Cunnane

Children's Responses

Arab/Africa Workshop, Grades 5, 6, 7 & 8

  • "I liked the BooBoos and the knife." Devon
  • "It was awesome seeing and learning things about Muslims and stuff like that." Cole
  • "I believe that showing the other kids the artifacts will help teach them the culture very well. And the underwear thing was funny too." Kirby
  • "I liked everything. I thought everything amazing and I think it is interesting how they live." Leon
  • "I think that Africa is cool." Chris
  • " I know more about Africa now and about their pants and shirts and other artifacts and it was fun. I think that it was fun playing with other peoples' clothes. I learned some of the language of what my teacher spoke in Africa." Patrick
  • "I learned that you have to wear clothes over your legs." Brooke
  • "I liked when we tried on the stuff that Kelly bought us because it was fun and when she told us facts about Africa and Kenya. Also I liked when we put stuff on our head 'cause it was funny. i(heart)u Kelly!!!" Kaitlynn
  • "I liked wearing those things and looking at those artifacts and learning about Africa. It was SO COOL." Tashaun
  • "I don't believe how much they care about their religion." Samuel
  • "I would like to do this again! I loved wearing the malafa! Learning how to put one on was way different than how I put my clothes on! HaHa! Seeing the doll's house was awesome. I think it's totally different than what we have for doll houses now! I also liked how the wallet looked that's awesome! Haha I loved how C. put the pants on his head and J. put lingerie on his! (heart) you Kelly!" Brooke

Children's Responses

Sahara Interactive Show & Tell, Grades 3 & 4

  • "I learned that women wear malafa and men wear boubous and I wore an African outfit... I also leaned that Arabs wear turbans, and I drank from a camel bowl. I liked the little teapot and powdery stuff." Ivy-Sue, age 8
  • "I learned how they pray." Tyler
  • "I love the stuff that she brought." Mitch
  • "I liked the boubous and the wallet; it had hands on it. The men and women can't shake hands. They touch their hearts and say salaam." J-Lynn
  • "We wore turbans. It was awesome." Branden, age 9
  • "I liked learning what they ate." Evan
  • "I liked the artifacts from the African people, then I learned the culture." Kacey

Adult Professionals' Responses

From Adult Education Co-Director/Teacher/ Suzanne:

"I wish more teachers had your enthusiasm and ability to engage students. Ms. Cunnane is responsible, hardworking, and extremely creative. She cares a great deal about her students and makes all their classes interesting and informative.

"She is especially knowledgeable about the creative writing process. I was impressed by her ability to combine facts with innovative ideas."

From UMM Department Chair:

"Kelly is a conscientious and energetic teacher, who is also a talented and dedicated writer. I am also impressed that Kelly is straightforward with her students, presenting her students with a realistic picture of the writing life...

"It's important to note that Kelly is a practicing non-fiction writer whose work has appeared in a number of noteworthy publications. Her children's book, 'For You Are a Kenyan Child', based on a village in Kenya where she taught with the Peace Corps, is a must-read. Her presentation of her book at Merrill Library in March was a delight."

From UMM Associate Professor:

"Kelly possesses a dynamic teaching style. It was impossible not to get caught up in the lesson being conducted due to the charisma and humor with which Kelly approaches her teaching. The classroom atmosphere was active, fun, and before I knew it, the class was over.

"The students I observed seemed just as captivated by Kelly's energetic approach to teaching as I. Kelly was lucid and straightforward in her expectations and presentations. The students I observed displayed active involvement and enthusiasm. I left the class charmed, energized, and impressed."

From Principal Crowley:

Over the years, you have added so much to our little school. Your new and exciting ideas have opened the eyes and minds of our students as well as the minds of the parents.

"Kelly's enthusiasm and motivation opens students' minds. Her hands-on approach makes learning a fun experience for students."

From Miriam Lang Budin, Chappaqua Library, New York:

"After the Ezra Jack Keats Award presentation, I couldn't stay long enough to say how much I loved your eloquent, off-the-cuff remarks. ...It seemed to me as if you could do a fascinating presentation about FOR YOU ARE A KENYAN CHILD and your Peace Corps experiences for adults and children alike. ...It was a treat to hear you speak and ---of course---it has been a deep pleasure to find and use your book."

From B. Thompson, Creative Nonfiction Workshop participant:

"Kelly's workshops are informative, productive, & lively. I always learn new techniques, gain a new perspective, & I'm motivated to write."

From the Chairman of Art in the Library:

"Kelly was well-prepared with projects for the children...the warm response she received from her students assured me that I was not observing just an ordinary art teacher but someone with a very special talent of communication with her students."


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