"Story & Play" Workshop

Kelly Cunnane

Workshop description

Listen and participate...then dress and play the story...

Listen and participate using simple Swahili refrains to For You are a Kenyan Child, an award-winning picture book of the whimsical portrayal of a child's day in Kenya.

Use original rural Kenyan cloths, hats, and daily items for gentle reenactment. Go to market with baskets & shillings... Begin the village meeting with your chief stick! Stir ugali with your special cooking stick.

Time estimate: 15 min. story time; 15 min. language play and sound; 30 min. costumes and scenes; 15 min. play = approximately 1 hour and 15 min.

What can be learned from this workshop:

Encourages literacy, language facility, exploration and openness to another culture, and the joy of learning

Who is this workshop best suited for?

Kindgergarten through 3rd Grade

Perfect for library circles, young ones, and for raising multicultural and diversity awareness and belonging.

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"Curl up in your little hut near Mama's and listen closely."

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